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Sailor 1911 Full-Size Realo Black Silver fountain pen

For many years now, customers have been asking for the Sailor 1911 Full-Sized Realo Black with Silver Trim. Now it's finally a reality and available here.

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New and vintage fountain pens; nib customizations & repairs; ink, books, & accessories. The nibs.com difference - pens tested, tuned, and ready to write!

Fountain Pen Basics

Introduction to Fountain Pens
What is a fountain pen? How is it different from a dip pen or a ballpoint?
What kind of ink supply systems do most fountain pens use? What is the difference between a cartridge, a converter, and a piston-filler?
What kind of ink should I use in my fountain pen?
Which ink cartridges are compatible with which fountain pens?
Can left-handers use fountain pens?
Fountain Pen Nibs
What is a fountain pen nib? Why are they usually in solid gold? And what is the difference between 14k, 18k, and 21k nibs?
What Nib Sizes Are Usually Available? What is the difference between hard, soft, and flexible nibs?
What are Soft or Flexible nibs? Why are Soft or Flexible nibs not as smooth-writing as standard rigid or hard nibs?
What should I keep in mind to protect the pen's nib?
Fountain Pen Nib Customizations
What Is A Nib Customization? And Why Would I Want One?
What is the difference between an Italic, an Oblique and a Stub?
What Is the Customization for Added Flex?
What is the difference between flexibility and smoothness? Why does adding flexibility to a nib not increase smoothness?
Which Nibs are Best Suited for the Customization for Added Flex?
What is the difference between a re-grind and re-tip?
Fountain Pen Usage and Storage
What precautions should I take when traveling on an airplane with a fountain pen?
How should fountain pens be stored when not in use?
What should artists know about using fountain pens?
Which fountain pens do you normally recommend to artists?
What should I know about customized nibs for calligraphy?
Choosing a Fountain Pen
What are the best fountain pens? And how do I decide on the best fountain pen for me?
What factors should I consider when purchasing a luxury pen?
What are the best Japanese fountain pens? And what makes them different from European brands?
Which are the the best Italian fountain pens? What makes Italian fountain pens unique?
I'm on a limited budget. What are some great fountain pens for under two hundred dollars?
What should I know about test writing pens at a pen store?
About Classic Fountain Pens and nibs.com
How do I order from you? And why don't you have an on-line shopping cart?
I'm in Los Angeles. Can I Visit Your Shop?
Do you sell rollerball and ballpoint pens? And what is the difference between between rollerball, ballpoint, and gel refills?
What is the name of your company? Classic Fountain Pens, or Nibs.com?
How do I add the nibs.com web site to my iPhone or iPad home screen?

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