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The Sailor Precious Woods Kokutan Ebony fountain pen is now in stock. Click here for details...
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Long anticipated and years in the making, the new book Fountain Pens of Japan by Andreas Lambrou and Masamichi Sunami has now arrived.
Long anticipated and years in the making, the new book Fountain Pens of Japan by Andreas Lambrou and Masamichi Sunami has now arrived. Click here for details...
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Fountain Pens, Inks, & Accessories
There's always something new showing up here at Classic Fountain Pens - whether it's new pens, inks, or accessories, you'll find them all listed here. Bookmark this page to find out the latest. You can also follow us on Twitter, Google +, or Facebook, or sign up for our monthly newsletter.

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We always offer free UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail Shipping on U.S. Domestic orders over $200. We also offer free USPS Priority International Shipping to most countries on pen orders of $550 or more - click here for full details.

Pilot Falcon Resin Red Barrel with  Rhodium Trim Fountain Pen
The Pilot Falcon Resin has long served as a highly affordable introduction to the world of quality fountain pens and also as one of the best starting points for John's now-famous Spencerian customization. Being made available outside Japan for the first time, the Falcon Resin Red Barrel adds a cherry red cap and barrel to the traditional Falcon Resin design. Arriving in December and available with 14k solid gold semi-soft nib in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, or Broad, The Falcon Resin Red Barrel retails for $180, with our price $144. Pre-orders are now being accepted - you will not be charged until your pen arrives here and then ships on to you...
 Parker Duofold International Blue Lapis fountain pen
Eagerly awaited and arriving within the next week, the new Parker Duofold Historical Colors series revives three classic finishes from the golden age of fountain pens - Big Red, Lapis Blue, and White Ivorine. Each color is available in both the full-size Centennial and mid-size International - the Centennial retails for $520, with our price $416, and the International retails for $450, with our price $359. Normally made available only in Fine or Medium, we are able to provide these pens with your choice from among the full range of Parker 18k solid gold nib units, in sizes ranging from Extra Extra Broad to Extra Fine...
Pilot E95s Burgundy and Ivory  with Gold Trim Fountain Pen
Also arriving in mid-December from Pilot are the E95s series pens in Black and in Burgundy and Ivory. The streamlined E95s takes its inspiration from the jet age fountain pens of the 1960's, and is made available with 14k solid gold inlaid nibs in your choice of Extra Fine, Fine, or Medium. Now available for pre-order, these pens will retail for $170, with our price just $136.
PIlot Custom 912 fountain pen with rhodium trim
Scheduled to arrive in December and being made available in North America for the first time, the Pilot Custom 912 serves as a slightly bigger companion to the Falcon Resin and Metal Falcon series pens and offers the widest variety of nib choices available from Pilot. Available in Extra Fine, Soft Fine, Music, Stub, and the distinctive notched FA, these 14k solid gold nibs serve as excellent starting points for the full array of John's customizations. The 912 also utilizes the high capacity CON-70 converter, giving it an ink capacity rivaling that of many piston-fillers. Pre-orders are now being accepted - you will not be charged until your pen arrives here and ships on to you. Retail $280, our price $224.

Arrving in late 2014, two new Sailor King of Pen Limited Editions showcase the work of Maki-e artist Wataru Kurotobi. The King of Pen Asa-tsuyu and King of Pen Yu-nami both utilize complex Hakeme-nuri Maki-e technique to create unique motifs inspired by forest and ocean scenes respectively. Just 33 numbered pens in each of the two finishes are being created worldwide.

Part of Sailor's exclusive Bespoke Collection, the price for each pen starts at $3900 with standard Sailor King of Pen 21k nib. We have managed to secure a very small number of these pens for our customers - pre-orders are now being accepted, and you will not be charged until your pen arrives here and then ships on to you...

Thanks to everyone who joined us at the DC Pen Show - next up is the San Francisco Pen Show, August 22-24. We will have a wide selection of Nakaya, Sailor, and Pilot pens available to try out and purchase, along with many pre-customized nibs. John will be on hand to do set-ups and nib swaps on site. If there is a particular pen or nib you are interested in trying, please contact us by August 15th so that we can bring it to the show. Our table will be open from the afternoon of the 22nd through Sunday - we hope to see you there!
OMAS 360 Vintage Wild Celluloid Rhodium Limited Edition  Fountain Pen
A rhodium-trim companion to the Arco Brown seen below, the new Omas 360 Vintage Wild Celluloid marries the most striking Omas celluloid pattern to its most distinctively-shaped model. 136 numbered pieces have been produced worldwide. We are able to make this pen available with the full range of 18k solid gold rhodium-plated nibs in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, Extra Broad, or Stub. Retail $1595, with our price $1276.
OMAS 360 Vintage Arco Brown Celluloid Gold Limited Edition Fountain Pen
Just arrived from Omas, the new 360 Vintage Arco Brown Rose Gold piston-filler showcases the warm rippling tones of this hand-crafted celluloid body pen. Just 36 numbered pieces have been produced worldwide, and we have been able to secure a very small number for our customers. Available in solid gold 18k rose gold-plated nib in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, Extra Broad, or stock Stub, this pen retails for $1595, with our price $1276.
Nakaya Portable Writer Ama-iro String Rolled Fountain Pen
Light blue Ama-iro has become one of the most popular of Nakaya's non-traditional Urushi finishes, and the new Portable Writer Ama-iro String-Rolled beautifully showcases this color. Note how the light blue Ama-iro is highlighted by the rhodium trim and darker blue threading. Available with the full range of Nakaya 14k nibs, the Portable Writer Ama-iro String Rolled is priced at $960, or $1020 with the rhodium-plated nib and clip seen here.
OMAS Vintage Paragon 2014  Blue Saffron Fountain Pen
Intended for the European market only, we have managed to secure an extremely small number of OMAS Vintage Paragon 2014 Blue Saffron fountain pens for our customers. Only 131 of these fountain pens have been produced worldwide in each trim version. The limited numbers we have of the gold, HT and ruthenium trim versions are sure to go quickly. We are able to offer the full range of Paragon Old Style 18k nibs in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, or Extra Broad, as well as 14k Flessible nibs in Extra Fine Extra Flessible, Fine Extra Flessible, and Medium Extra Flessible. Retail $1095, our price $876.

Many customers have been noticing that, due to changes in Facebook's policies on organic reach, they are seeing less of our posts than they used to. If you have already Liked us on Facebook and want to increase your chances of seeing our posts, just go to our Facebook home page and click on Get Notifications, usually included as an option in the drop-down menu under "Liked". You will also receive an e-mail from Facebook when we post. Every time you Like a specific post also increases the odds that you will see further posts from us - this also applies to any other Page you follow on Facebook. We hope this information is helpful, and don't forget that for the latest in news and new products, you can also bookmark this page, and follow us on Twitter or Google+...

Since being uploaded just over two years ago, this customer video demonstrating a Pilot Falcon with John's Spencerian customization has become a global phenomenon and has now received over four million views! While the Falcon Resin, Metal Falcon, and Justus 95 pens remain excellent choices, the same customization can also be done on any Nakaya brand pen, as well as Omas Vintage pens with Flessible nibs. For more information, see our Spencerian Customization page... Watch our spencerian customization in action.

Fountain Pens of the World

Just arrived directly from the publisher is the newly released Third Edition of Andreas Lambrou's Fountain Pens of the World. This authoritative 448 page book includes 170 full color plates as well as numerous other illustrations and reproductions. New chapters in this edition examine the history of limited edition pens and of special techniques such as guilloché engraving. Each copy we have has been personally signed by Andreas Lambrou. Retail $199, our special sale price $139.00. Free shipping via USPS Media Mail is provided for all U.S. domestic orders of this book.


New Sailor Inks 2014Sailor's new Colors of Four Seasons inks are now in stock and available for immediate shipment. The new colors are Shingure purple, Tokwa-Matsu green, Nioi Sumire blue-grey, Miruai dark green, Souten light blue, Doyou brown, Yama-Dori aqua, and Oku-Yama red-brown. Each 50 ml bottle, which includes a built-in reservoir for easy filling, is priced at $18.00.

Popular pigment inks Kiwa-Guro Black and Sei-Boku Blue- Black also remain available at $24 for each 50 ml bottle, as are Sailor's standard formula Black, Blue, and Blue-Black inks at $12.50 each.

And while Sailor recently discontinued Apricot, Epinard, Grenade, Peche, Sky High, and Ultra Marine, we still have limited numbers of these inks still in stock, also at $12.50 for each 50 ml bottle.

Nakaya Dorsal Fin Version 2 Ao-tamenuri Fountain Pen
Just arrived from Nakaya, the new Dorsal Fin Version 2 in smooth Ao-tamenuri offers a superb union of finish and form. The cap and barrel fins give this writing instrument a delightfully natural look and feel, while the rich dark hues of blue-tinged Ao-tamenuri evoke deep waters and moonlit nights. Each hand-crafted pen requires nine months to be produced, but we have two currently in stock and available for immediate shipment - our price, with your choice of standard Nakaya 14k solid gold nib, is $1320.
Nakaya Piccolo Writer Shiro-tamenuri Fountain Pen
Two new arrivals from Nakaya showcase the warm hues of Shiro-tamenuri finish - the Piccolo Cigar Shiro-tamenuri and Piccolo Writer Shiro-tamenuri. Classic examples of Nakaya style, each pen has been hand-turned from naturally harvested ebonite hard-rubber and then finished in Urushi lacquer in the Wajima region on the west coast of Japan. Available with the full range of Nakaya 14k solid gold nibs, the price per pen is $650.
Platinum 3776 Century Nice Limited Edition Fountain Pen
Arriving in late July and now available for pre-order, Platinum pays homage to the beach front resort of Nice on the Côte d'Azur with the new 3776 Century Nice Limited Edition fountain pen. The faceted transparent body is accented by rose gold trim, and the 14k solid gold nibs in Fine, Medium, or Broad are also rose gold-plated. This pen will be made available for a limited time only, and the first 2000 pieces will be individually numbered. As always, Platinum offers tremendous value - these limited edition pens retail for just $250 each, with our price $199 while they are still available.
Sailor Sky Special Edition  Fountain Pens
Sailor renders homage to the bright days of summer with the new special edition Sky series of blue-tinted semi-translucent demonstrator pens, arriving in August and now available for pre-order. Produced in limited quantities only, these pens are being created in all three Sailor sizes. The Sapporo/Pro Gear Slim Sky retails for $250, with our price $200, the Pro Gear Sky retails for $390, with our price $312, and the King of Pen Sky retails for $1020, with our price $816. Pre-orders are now being accepted - you will not be charged until your pen arrives here and then ships on to you.
F-2652 Waterman Man 100 Patrician in Coral Red
We're celebrating summer by offering special pricing on many of our pre-owned pens. From vintage writing instruments to recent models, we have numerous pens available with additional savings. Just look for the Special Sale Price on selected models...
Want to hear the latest about new products? Bookmark this page to stay informed, and you can also receive regular updates by following us on Twitter, Google +, or Facebook...


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