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Looking for a replacement nib for your Omas pen? We offer the full range of 18k and 14k Omas solid gold nibs. These are factory new nibs without feed or gripping section. - we also have a selection of pre-owned Omas nibs at reduced prices.

Setting loose nibs is a skilled task requiring special tools and skills - if you are not an experienced pen repair specialist, you will need to send us your pen to have the nib set for an additional $30.00 fee. You will receive instructions on sending in your pen once you have placed your nib order.

Have questions? Feel free to e-mail [email protected], or call us at (323) 655-2641, and we'll be happy to guide you through the process of finding the correct replacement nib for your Omas pen.

Omas Old Style Nibs
Omas old style nibs group
Retail $295, our price $236
Omas New Style Nibs
new style omas nibs
Retail $295, our price $236
Omas Old Style Nibs (above)
Omas New Style Nibs (below)
Dama/Princess HT 18K
Milord HT 18K gold


Dama/Princess single-tone 18K gold
Milord single-tone 18K gold


Dama/Princess single-tone 18K rose-gold
Paragon HT two-tone 18K gold


Dama/Princess two-tone 18K gold
Paragon GFT two-tone 18K gold


Milord HT 18K gold
Milord Bologna two-tone 'Portico' 14K gold


Milord single-tone 18K gold
Extra Lucens reverse mask gold near tip


Paragon HT 18K gold
Mandela 18K gold


Paragon single-tone 18K gold
Paragon two-tone 18K gold
Magnum HT 18K gold available pre-owned only


Magnum two-tone 18K gold available pre-owned only

Omas nib dimensions (length by width at shoulders): New Style Paragon, 35mm x 8.2mm; Old Style Paragon and New Style Milord, 32mm x 7.6mm; Old Style Milord, 30mm x 6.7mm; Old Style Dama, 26mm x 6.0mm.

52 degree single-tone OMA

We have just a few of these very special 52 degree single-tone OMAS old style nibs. They fit in any of the old style Paragon pens including the resin and celluloid models. They are intended to work best at 52 degrees to the paper. Fortunately this is the ideal angle for most fountain pen users. This tip presents a very smooth flat foot to the paper making possible a "hydroplane" effect as it glides on a layer of ink.

omas flessible nib

We sometimes have limited quantities of the original Omas Extra Flessible nibs. These are Soft 14K nibs in Extra Fine, Fine, and Medium. These nibs fit in the old style Paragon and the new style Milord. These nibs are not currently available for individual sale, but we do have limited quantities available when purchasing a suitable OMAS pen from us.

We also have replacement clips for many Omas pens. Because we have the specialized tools for installing Omas clips, we can do the work here. Service charge $30, plus $45 per clip.


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