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Long anticipated and years in the making, the new book Fountain Pens of Japan by Andreas Lambrou and Masamichi Sunami has now arrived.
Long anticipated and years in the making, the new book Fountain Pens of Japan by Andreas Lambrou and Masamichi Sunami has now arrived. Click here for details...
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New and vintage fountain pens; nib customizations & repairs; ink, books, & accessories. The nibs.com difference - pens tested, tuned, and ready to write!
Spencerian Customization for Fountain Pens
The above video, featuring John's Spencerian customization on a Pilot Falcon Resin, has gone viral and received well over four million views! The Spencerian modification adds flex to an already semi-soft nib and grinds the nib tip to needlepoint. The price for this customization is $110.00. But the Falcon Resin is not the only pen suitable for the Spencerian customization...
The Nakaya Naka-ai Writer Ama-iro (Sky Blue) Fountain Pen
Any Nakaya brand pen, such as the Naka-ai Writer Ama-iro seen above, can be fitted with a Fine Soft nib which can then be given the Spencerian modification. Nakaya's hand-crafted Urushi pens offer a writing experience like no other.
OMAS Ogiva Limited Edition Brown Arco  with Gold Trim Fountain Pen
Most Omas Vintage Limited Edition fountain pens can be equipped with a 14k Extra Flessible nib in Extra Fine or Fine which can then be given the Spencerian modification. Omas is renowned for the luxurious quality of their celluloid body pens.
Pilot Custom 912 Fountain Pen


Another offering from Pilot, the Custom 912 can be made available with the notched FA nib seen at left - the FA provides the most flexibility of any contemporary solid gold nib we know of, and serves as an even better starting point for the Spencerian modification than the original Falcon Resin Soft Fine...

Pilot Falcon Metal Fountain Pens
The Pilot Metal Falcon, made by the same company as the Falcon Resin and using the same nib with the addition of rhodium plating, is available in four colors. A weightier pen than the Resin, the Metal Falcon also has the added advantage of utilizing Pilot's high-capacity CON-70 converters, which provide an impressive 1.7 mil ink capacity.
Pilot Justus 95 Fountain Pen
Another intriguing candidate for Spencerian modification is the new Justus 95 pen, also produced by Pilot. A solid gold adjustable tension bar allows the user to vary nib flexibility - when used in conjunction with the Spencerian customization, this allows the nib to be returned to a more controllable, firmer point when extreme flexibility is not desired.
Namiki Falcon Resin Fountain Pen
The Falcon Resin itself weighs 18.3 grams and measures 5.25 inches in length. This dependable and highly affordable pen, with or without Spencerian customization, can serve as an excellent introduction to the world of quality fountain pens.
The price for the Spencerian customization on any suitable pen or nib unit is $110.00.

Please note that the Spencerian modification is a highly specialized customization used for writing Spencerian copperplate script--significant skill and practice is required, and this will not be a customization that is suitable for most everyday usage. For those wishing to learn copperplate calligraphy, we recommend the book below...

Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy
Eleanor Winters' book Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy This step by step manual by noted calligrapher Eleanor Winters provides a clear and engaging introduction to mastering the art of this calligraphic technique. Along with a fascinating history of copperplate, the book provides a stroke-by-stroke demonstration of each letter, mark, and number, along with sections on color, retouching, and suggested papers. Generous practice pages and ample instructions add to the book's appeal - this volume is a perfect compliment to your Spencerian-modified Nakaya or Pilot-Namiki pen. Our price $15.95

Above is a sample from customer Kirk Edelman demonstrating the use of a pen with John's Spencerian modification.
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