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Diplomat Aero Oxyd Brass Fountain Pen 14kt Nib

Diplomat Aero Oxyd Brass Fountain Pen 14kt Nib


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The Diplomat Aero Oxyd Brass Fountain Pen is a remarkable writing instrument that combines vintage aesthetics with modern engineering. Inspired by the iconic Zeppelin airships, its design features groove-like depressions on the barrel and cap, giving it a unique tactile experience. The pen is crafted from brass and then oxidized, which not only contributes to its distinctive appearance but also provides a comfortable heft and balance in hand. Equipped with a polished 14-carat gold nib, available in various sizes, it offers a smooth and consistent writing flow, making it a favorite among pen enthusiasts. Whether for personal use or as a luxurious gift, the Diplomat Aero is a pen that stands out for its style and performance.

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