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Pelikan Classic M205 Apatite Special Edition 14k

Pelikan Classic M205 Apatite Special Edition 14k


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Named for a turquoise-colored mineral, the Pelikan Classic M205 Apatite Special Edition is a luminous demonstrator pen which showcases Pelikan's famous differential filling system. Normally provided with only a steel nib, we are offering it here with your choice of Pelikan 14k solid gold rhodium nib unit.

Our complimentary nib tuning adjusts pressure and ink flow to your own personal preferences. Pelikan 14k nibs also make an excellent starting point for many of our exclusive nib customizations, including such popular modifications as Flex, Cursive Italic, and Architects Point.

Pelikan's M205 Special Edition pens offer memorable writing instruments which are available for a limited time only. Pelikan's high capacity filling system allows the pen to use any bottled fountain pen ink, including the matching Pelikan Edelstein Apatite Ink Of The Year, also available from us.

An attractive presentation box adds to the pen's appropriateness as a very special gift item. We are an authorized Pelikan dealer.

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