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Pelikan Souverän M600 Blue Stripe

Pelikan Souverän M600 Blue Stripe


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Pelikan's piston-filler classic Souverän M600 Blue Stripe fountain pens with interchangeable nibs set high standards for style, durability and reliability. The Blue Stripe barrel combines the eye-popping blue color with a subtle iridescence, so the pen seems to shimmer as it is rotated. With care this pen will last a lifetime.

Blue Stripe with gold trim is one of the classic styles in the Pelikan Souverän series. The M600 Blue Stripe offers this eye-popping combination in a full-sized pen that will be a comfortable fit for most users.

Interchangeable nib units, which can easily be swapped in and out, add to the versatility of this pen.

Close attention to the fit and finish of the pen is a much-appreciated hallmark of the Pelikan brand. A semi-translucent barrel allows you to see inside and consider when it's time for an ink refill.
The Pelikan logo graces the flat end cap of the M600 Blue Stripe fountain pen, while the classic Pelikan clip allows the pen to be securely affixed to a shirt pocket. As with all Souverän Pelikan pens, this barrel utilizes Pelikan's renowned piston-filler with its generous ink capacity, and fills using any bottled fountain pen ink.

The Pelikan Souverän M600 Blue Stripe fountain pen arrives in an elegant presentation box.

These 14k Pelikan nib units are well-suited to customizations including Stub, Cursive Italic, or Left Oblique and can be changed at home allowing for more than one tip size and style.

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