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Pelikan Toledo M700 Black

Pelikan Toledo M700 Black


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The Pelikan Toledo M700 celebrates the metalwork and motif first introduced in 1931 in a M600 medium-size pen. In a day of automation and machine-made products this workmanship, inspired by a long history of hand engraving, is both beautiful as an art objects and is a superb everyday writer.

This pen has a hand-engraved 24K gold-over-sterling-silver (vermeil) sheath on the barrel depicting stylized pelicans, their environment and chicks, as well as this long-established Pelikan design motifs.

The matte surface clip and twin cap bands, Pelikan green ink window and classic Pelikan shape all contribute to making this a treasured fountain pen.

See the close-up attention to detail in the engraving of the pelicans and their chicks as shown in the barrel detail here. These are perfect pens to take on a business trip or as a special gift for a loved one.

Standard M700 two-tone nib units can also be utilized in this pen and are easy to swap at home. Some people choose multiple nibs for this pen so that they can explore different writing sizes and techniques.

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