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Pelikan Tradition M205 Green Highlighter

Pelikan Tradition M205 Green Highlighter


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The Pelikan M205 Duo Shiny Green Highlighter Special Edition is available for a limited time only. Following the success of the M205 Duo in Yellow, Pelikan adds a brilliant Green color to to complement the range.

Evoking the color of highlighter ink, this writing instrument lights up in the hand. Not only is the pen itself a vivid green hue, but it also comes complete with one matching starter bottle of special highlighter ink in shiny green.

If you intend to use this as a highlighter, it should be used only with highlighter ink, as other colors may contaminate the shiny green ink, even with thorough cleaning.

The translucent green on the cap and barrel makes this a stunning demonstrator pen. Take a closer look at the inner workings of this Pelikan piston filler. Normally supplied only with a steel nib, we are able to make the M205 Duo Shiny Green available with a two-tone 14k M400 Broad nib unit.

Shipped complete with a starter bottle of Shiny Green Highlighter Ink.

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