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Sailor 1911 Full-Size Naginata Togi Gold

Sailor 1911 Full-Size Naginata Togi Gold


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We're happy to announce that after years of being unavailable, Sailor Naginata Togi nibs are now once again being provided for purchase. The 1911 Full-Size Naginata Togi Black Gold also features a special engraved metallic cap ring in-filled with resin using precise cloisonné technique.

Naginata Togi nibs are available in your choice of Medium Fine, Medium, or Broad. We are an authorized Sailor dealer.

Naginata Togi nibs are handcrafted by skilled nib specialists at the Sailor factory in Hiroshima. Similar to our own Architects Point customization, these nibs provide broad strokes on the horizontal and finer strokes on the vertical, providing a line on the page particularly well-suited to Japanese kanji, Arabic and Hebrew calligraphy, or the type of distinctive print script used by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Please note that the cross-strokes on these nibs provide line-widths much broader than would normally be expected from Japanese nibs - the Medium-Fine is rated by us as .6mm, the Medium as .65mm, and the Broad as .8mm. Expect a juicy ink flow, as these specialty nibs have been designed to emulate the style of Japanese brush painting.

The pen can fill with any bottled fountain pen ink when fitted with the provided converter, and can also use convenient Sailor brand disposable ink cartridges. Each pen ships in a special presentation box which includes the converter and a pair of starter ink cartridges.

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