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Sailor Bottled Ink

Sailor Bottled Ink

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Sailor Inks are fountain pen-safe, available in a wide variety of formulations and colors, and like Sailor pens, offer terrific value. Longtime standards Black, Blue, and Blue-Black are augmented by three water resistant pigment inks, Kiwa-Guro Black, Souboku Blue-Black, and Sei-Boku Blue, while additional nuanced colors are available on a rotating basis.

Sailor bottled inks are suitable for use in any fountain pen with a converter, piston, or eyedropper filling system, while Sailor cartridges are only used in Sailor brand cartridge-converter pens.

Sailor's specialty inks are available in a variety colors, and are often in high demand and available for limited times only. If you find a special hue that you love, we suggest getting an extra bottle or two!

Sailor's newest releases in the ongoing Colors of Four Seasons series are Grey Chu-Shu, purple Fuji-Musume, red Ironi, yellow-gold Kin-Mokusei, green-brown RIkyu-Cha, pink Sakura-Mori, green Waka-Uguisu, and light blue Yuki-Akari.