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Sailor King of Pen Black Ebonite Rhodium

Sailor King of Pen Black Ebonite Rhodium


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With its simple minimalist shape, the Sailor King of Pen in Black Ebonite with Rhodium Trim is Sailor's sleekest design in an oversized pen. These hand-crafted pens are usually in high demand and on back order, and we strongly recommend pre-ordering if the pen is not already in stock.
The King of Pen Black Ebonite with Rhodium Trim appeals to those who appreciate industrial design at its fundamental level, and is an excellent choice for those who tend to gravitate towards silver jewelry or watches.
The Sailor King of Pen Black Ebonite with Rhodium Trim fountain pen is handcrafted from high-quality ebonite. Part of Sailor's exclusive Bespoke Collection, this pen is provided standard with your choice of 21k solid gold rhodium-plated King of Pen size nib. Ebonite hard rubber is a classic material for quality fountain pens. The highly polished surface may look like plastic at first glance but, if rubbed briskly with a knuckle, gives off a faint smell of rubber. This writing instrument can be filled with bottled fountain pen ink using the provided converter, and can also use convenient Sailor brand ink cartridges.
Each King of Pen Black Ebonite pen is handcrafted in Japan, and production times can vary from a few months to a year or more. While we always attempt to keep this pen in stock, demand can often exceed supply and we strongly recommend pre-ordering when necessary - you will not be charged until your pen arrives and is ready to ship to you.
Sailor nibs are renowned for their smooth writing qualities. Naginata togi nibs provide variable line width depending on the angle of the pen to the paper - the lower the angle, the broader the line. The rhodium-plated version shown here matches the plating on the clip.
The King of Pen ships in a dark wood satin-lined presentation box which includes all papers, a converter, starter ink cartridges, a polishing cloth, and a bottle of Sailor ink.

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