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Sailor King of Pen Wabi Sabi Red Limited Edition

Sailor King of Pen Wabi Sabi Red Limited Edition


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Produced in just 88 numbered pieces worldwide, the Sailor King of Pen Wabi Sabi Red is part of Sailor's exclusive Bespoke Collection. We have just one pen remaining, after which no more will be available.
Wabi Sabi is a Japanese concept that objects gain in value and beauty through use and wear. Some Japanese artists take this concept to the next level by intentionally aging and distressing materials to give the impression of use and wear - such is the case with the pens in this new Wabi Sabi series from Sailor, produced by artist Wayo Shimamuri in precise and painstaking Irogosane Sabinuri technique.
Beyond the exceptional appearance of these pens, realized in urushi lacquer over an ebonite body, these are highly practical and versatile writing instruments, fitted with the 21k solid gold nibs that for which Sailor is so well known. Our complimentary nib tuning adjusts pressure and ink flow to your own personal preferences, and our exclusive nib customizations can add to the character of your writing on the page.
The pen can fill with any bottled fountain pen ink when fitted with the provided converter. It can also use convenient Sailor brand disposable ink cartridges, now available in over twenty different colors. The pen ships in a special presentation box with all paperwork, adding to its value and collectability. We are an authorized Sailor Bespoke Collection retailer.

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