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Sailor Kirikane Asaba Hemp Leaf

Sailor Kirikane Asaba Hemp Leaf


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Part of Sailor's Bespoke Collection of handcrafted writing instruments, the Sailor Kirikane Asaba Hemp Leaf features a motif symbolizing fast, healthy growth and protection from evil. Each ebonite body pen is provided with a Sailor 21k solid gold nib in your choice of tipping size.
Our complimentary nib tuning adjusts optimum pressure and ink flow to your own personal preferences. Sailor 21k nibs also make excellent starting point for many of our exclusive nib customizations - choose broader tipping sizes for best results with modifications such as Stub or Cursive Italic, or the Zoom nib for our popular Architects Point customization.
Kirikane is a traditional craft which came to Japan from Korea in the 6th century and has long been associated with the decoration of Buddhist statues. Utilizing carefully prepared gold leaf which is hand cut to less than the width of a human hair, each piece is carefully applied to create a unique pattern representing a natural object which itself resonates with symbolic meaning in Japanese tradition. Sailor's Kirikane pens can fill with any bottled fountain pen ink when fitted with the provided converter, and can also use convenient Sailor brand disposable ink cartridges, now available in over 30 different nuanced hues. Each pens ships in a traditionally designed Japanese chestnut wood box. We are an authorized Sailor Bespoke Collection dealer.

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