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Sailor Nawate Haku-Chirashi Fountain Pen - Yoh

Sailor Nawate Haku-Chirashi Fountain Pen - Yoh


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Introducing the latest addition from the exclusive Bespoke collection Nawate Haku-Chirashi by Sailor Pens!

Discover this exceptional writing instrument, in resplendent foil-adorned hues - Yoh (gilded in silver foil) a true testament to the artistry of pen craftsmanship.

Crafting the Nawate Haku-Chirashi pen is a meticulous and labor-intensive journey. It commences with the infusion of Urushi-soaked Ebony Wood, forming its foundation. It then progresses through a series of transformative stages: a polished base coat, intricate striation markings, delicate washi paper dressing, and a resolute anchoring of striking blackish-silver foil. The pen is ultimately adorned with its distinctive colored foil embellishments, sealing its unrivaled perfection. Toru Toshida, the masterful lacquer artist behind this masterpiece, is the distinguished third-generation head of Shikko Yoshida, an Urushi atelier nestled in the Aizu Wakamatsu region of Japan. His commitment ensures that every pen carries within it the wisdom of generations of artistic excellence.

The esteemed Aizu-nuri technique of Urushi lacquer art originated in the Aizu region of Fukushima Prefecture during the Edo Period, thriving in the ideal conditions of the local basin-shaped valleys. Various beautiful decorations, including traditional symbols of good fortune, enhance designs with fine, shallow engravings, imparting an elegantly gentle expression.

Toru Yoshida, the third-generation head of the "Shikko Yoshida" Urushi atelier in Aizu Wakamatsu, transcends the Aizu-nuri technique by incorporating diverse forms and techniques tailored to each lacquerware creation. His innovative approach has given rise to Sailor Pen’s Traditional Japanese Lacquer Art NAWATE Haku-chirashi Fountain Pens. The fountain pen's cap features a vertically flowing striation, visually elongating and providing a stable grip for capping and uncapping, making it a masterpiece of beautility.

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