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Sailor Precious Wood Kabazaiku Cherry Bark

Sailor Precious Wood Kabazaiku Cherry Bark


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The Sailor Kabazaiku Cherry Bark fountain pen is a warm, medium-brown pen made from wild cherry bark wood. Cherry bark woodworking is a traditional Japanese art form which flourished in Kakunodate in the Akita prefecture of Japan - Samurai warriors even used applied cherry bark to decorate their weapons.
Sailor's Precious Wood Collection features beautiful yet understated fountain pens made of rare wood and gold-plated trim. Available with the full line of Sailor 14k nibs, these memorable and smooth-writing writing instruments are excellent everyday writers and are also superb as gift items. The thick gold band, inscribed with ""Denshiro"" and ""Sailor Japan,"" provides an added element of warmth which complements this earthy pen. The touches of gold also provide an elegance which elevates this pen from a natural beauty to a luxurious stunner. ""Denshiro"" refers to the ""Fujuki Denshiro"" store, a kabazaiku craftsmanship store known for high quality birch work for over six generations. Sailor used Denshiro techniques and materials to create this beautiful writing instrument.
This will be a comfortable fit for most users, and utilizes Sailor's reliable cartridge-converter system, which allows it to be filled with either bottled fountain pen ink, or with Sailor brand cartridges. While slightly different in profile and design from other pens in the Sailor Precious Wood series, it shares with them the combination of a natural wood body accented with gold trim and a 14k solid gold nib.
Notice the unique pattern of the wild cherry bark on the cap and barrel, evident in the close-up on the side. No two pens will be exactly alike. The natural wood grain provides intriguing texture which is a delight for the eyes as well as the touch.
The Kabazaiku fountain pen is available with your choice of Sailor top quality 14k single-tone nib.
Sailor 14k nibs are well-suited to customizations including Stub, Cursive Italic, or Left Oblique, as well as the modification for added flex.
The Sailor Kabazaiku ships in an attractive presentation box which includes a complimentary bottle of Sailor ink.

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