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Sailor Pro Gear Classic Imperial Black

Sailor Pro Gear Classic Imperial Black


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The Sailor Pro Gear Imperial Black combines a sleek matte black finish with the Pro Gear flat-top design and smoky ruthenium trim. This is one of the most distinctive and attractive pens that Sailor has yet produced.
The filling system is Sailor's excellent cartridge/converter design; two cartridges and a converter are supplied with the pen. The converter makes it possible to fill this pen with ink from the bottle of your choice.
This pen is available with its special black ion-plated nib which matches the ruthenium trim and completes the deep rich tones of the Imperial Black. Sailor nibs are unsurpassed in quality control, smoothness and metered ink delivery. They are among the finest in the world today.
The Pro Gear Imperial Black comes attractively packaged in a Carbofine presentation box picture below. In homage to the pen's design, the box itself is realized in varying shades of black, including the inside velvet lining. A bottle of Sailor Black ink is also included. Sailor has begun including the following notice with all pens sold with the Black Ion-Plated nib: Please note the 21k solid gold nib on this pen is specially ion-plated to give the unique color. Only Sailor inks should be used with this pen to avoid damage to the nib plating. Any damage to the nib caused by the use of other branded inks, will not be covered under the Sailor standard warranty.

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