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Sailor Pro Gear Classic Iris Nebula

Sailor Pro Gear Classic Iris Nebula


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Embark on a celestial journey with Sailor’s Iris Nebula, a stunning pen inspired by the captivating beauty of distant nebulae. With its ethereal design and shimmering allure, it's a writing instrument that sparks imagination and wonder.

Our complimentary nib tuning adjusts optimum pressure and ink flow to your own personal preferences. Sailor 21k nibs also make excellent starting points for many of our popular nib customizations, including such favorites as Cursive Italic and Left Oblique.

Nebulae, often referred to as "star smoke," are captivating formations of gas and dust scattered throughout the universe. These cosmic wonders typically emerge when gas and dust accumulate and gravitationally converge, giving birth to a nebula during the star formation process. Among them, the 'Iris Nebula' in the constellation Cepheus stands out as a reflection nebula, consisting of a cold interstellar cloud of dust and gas that reflects light from nearby stars, spanning approximately 6 light-years across. Aptly named for its striking resemblance to a blooming flower in the depths of space, the Iris Nebula showcases the breathtaking beauty of celestial phenomena.

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