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Sailor Pro Gear Classic Stellar Black Hole

Sailor Pro Gear Classic Stellar Black Hole


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The Sailor Pro Gear Classic Stellar Black Hole Limited Edition is the latest in a series of Sailor writing instruments inspired by the cosmic vastness of space. Just 1200 pieces have been produced worldwide.
Our complimentary nib tuning adjusts optimum pressure and ink flow to your own personal preferences. Sailor 21k nibs also make excellent starting points for many of our optional nib customizations. We are an authorized Sailor dealer.
The body and finial of this limited edition fountain pen are space black with glittering speckles evocative of extraterrestrial dust. The cap is a warm golden yellow with a golden glitter spread across the surface.
The pen is equipped with your choice of Sailor 21k solid gold two-tone nib, and fills using Sailor's versatile cartridge-converter system. Any bottled fountain pen ink can be used when the pen is fitted with the provided converter, and the pen can also use convenient Sailor brand disposable ink cartridges, now available in over thirty different nuanced colors.

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