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Sailor Pro Gear Slim Mini Zyne Pink

Sailor Pro Gear Slim Mini Zyne Pink


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A compact but versatile fountain pen that can easily be carried in a pocket or purse, the Sailor Pro Gear Slim Mini Zyne Pink is both elegant in appearance and eminently practical as a superb everyday writing instrument.
Our complimentary nib tuning adjusts optimum ink flow and pressure to your own personal preferences. The Sailor 14k Medium Fine nib this pen is provided with is also highly suitable for our noted Flex customization.
Sailor marks the return of a long time favorite with this new series of Pro Gear Slim Mini fountain pens. Featuring gold ion trim and a new pressure post cap posting method, these pens showcase the versatility of the Slim Mini design - when capped, the Slim Mini is just 4.2 inches in length, easy to fit in a shirt pocket or purse. However, when posted, the pen's length expands to 5.3 inches, comparable to many mid and full-size pens. Also new is the Sailor Mini Converter, which allows this pen to fill using any bottled fountain pen ink. And for those who value convenience above all, the Slim Mini can still use any of Sailor's disposable ink cartridges, available in a variety of colors. This is a pen model that truly has something for every user.
Each pen ships in a presentation box which includes a starter pack of two ink cartridges along with the Mini Converter. We are an authorized Sailor dealer.

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