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Sailor Rei 4th Aomori Fugamon-nuri Tokiwa-iro

Sailor Rei 4th Aomori Fugamon-nuri Tokiwa-iro


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Presenting the Sailor Rei IV Ochiguri-iro Fountain Pen, a distinguished member of Sailor's fourth 'Rei' fountain pen series. The term "Ochiguri-iro" paints a poetic hue, describing a subtly reddish-brown shade akin to chestnuts. Since the Heian period, this color has symbolized nobility with an elegant modesty.

Crafted with artistic finesse by designer Hirokazu Shimamori, this captivating pen features a lacquered finish. The barrel and cap showcase the richness of ebony wood, while the grip section is expertly crafted from black PMMA resin, adding to its overall allure.

Nestled in Aomori Prefecture's Tsugaru region, renowned for its exquisite Japanese lacquerware, the challenging cold climate spurred a centuries-long quest to adapt the traditional Urushi lacquer technique. This pursuit gave rise to "kawari-nuri," a method of layering multiple coats, with the iconic "togidashi-nuri" technique being a hallmark of Tsugaru's lacquer art.

The Fugamon-nuri style, featured on these fountain pens, is an original creation by lacquer artist Hirokazu Shimamori. Drawing inspiration from Tsugaru togidashi-nuri, Shimamori adds a creative twist by combining two lacquering methods. Layering Urushi in multiple coats, from the base to the top coat, incorporating materials like mother-of-pearl, gold/silver powder, and plant parts, results in refined sophistication. These fountain pens are intricate masterpieces that capture the essence of Japanese modesty and elegance through a serene and tactful design.

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