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Visconti Divina Matte Bordeaux

Visconti Divina Matte Bordeaux


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The new Visconti Divina Matte Bordeaux is a memorably beautiful and sophisticated writing instrument. Each pen is offered with a 14k solid gold rose gold-plated nib in your choice of tipping size, produced in-house at Visconti's workshop in Florence.

Our complimentary nib tuning helps ensure that your Visconti fountain pen will have writing qualities equal to its compelling appearance. Visconti 14k solid gold nibs also provide an excellent starting point for our exclusive nib customizations, including such popular modifications as Flex, Stub, and Architects Point.

Designed so that the size of the cap to the length of the pen body is in proportion to Leonardo Da Vinci's Golden Ratio, the Visconti Divina Matte Bordeaux is a seductive and impressive writing instrument even if you're not familiar with the mathematical and design principles that have gone into its development. Utilizing Visconti's reliable and high capacity piston-fill system, this is a pen that can have writing qualities equal to its eye-catching design.

Each pen ships in a special presentation box. We are an authorized Visconti dealer.

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