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Visconti Large 18k Rose Gold Nib Units

Visconti Large 18k Rose Gold Nib Units

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Condition: New

Material: 18K Gold

Properties: Firm

Nib Color:Rose Gold

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These brand new, factory original Visconti nib units can be used in any Visconti Oversize fountain pen - please read our note below regarding replacement at home before purchasing. The plating color specifically matches Visconti Oversize pens in rose gold color trim.

As with any pen or nib unit you purchase from us, your Visconti replacement nib unit qualifies for our complimentary nib tuning services, which adjust ink flow and optimum pressure to match your personal preferences. Visconti nib units also serve as excellent starting points for many of our optional nib customizations, which add flair and distinctiveness to your writing on the page.

Please note that before ordering a replacement Visconti nib unit, you should determine if the existing nib collar (also sometimes referred to as a housing) on your existing pen can be easily removed by you at home. Do not attempt to force the collar/housing if it does not easily twist out of the gripping section. But if the nib collar/housing does twist out, you can order you replacement nib unit directly on this page and we will send it to you.

On some Visconti pens, the nib collar/housing is not removable - for cases such as this, you will need to send your pen to us so that we can set the new nib in your existing collar/housing for you. In these cases, do not place your order here - go to our Pen and Nib Repair page and fill out the form provided there to begin the process of acquiring your replacement nib. Please contact us at with any questions.