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Visconti Medici Briarwood Ruthenium

Visconti Medici Briarwood Ruthenium


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Introducing the Medici Briarwood collection by Visconti, a fusion of history and contemporary elegance. Redesigned to pay homage to the influential Medici rulers of Florence, this collection boasts a demonstrator central ring featuring Florence's emblem, the lily. Inspired by the golden ratio principles of the Florence Baptistry's geometry, the pen's briarwood-colored resin takes center stage.

The ruthenium-plated trims add a touch of sophistication, creating a perfect harmony of tradition and modernity. Crafted from Acrosilk material with a sandblasted satin finish, the pen is a true work of art. The capacious power-filler double reservoir and a new enameled clip showcase a perfect balance of classic and innovative design.

This pen comes in an arrary of nib sizes and is elegantly packaged in a special box. Click here to view the Gold version of this pen that is also available on our website. We are an authorized Visconti dealer.

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