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Visconti Voyager Mariposa Painted Beauty with Palladium Trim

Visconti Voyager Mariposa Painted Beauty with Palladium Trim


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The Voyager Mariposa Painted Beauty is another stunning addition to Visconti's homage collection. Crafted with the same dedication to design, this pen emulates the blue and pink colors of its namesake butterfly found throughout the Amazon forests, Ecuador, Brazil, and Peru. The resin, made in the USA, showcases vibrant and shimmering colors reminiscent of a butterfly wing's colorful display. The Painted Beauty features palladium trim, adding a luxurious touch to the pen's aesthetic.

Our complimentary nib tuning helps ensure that your Visconti fountain pen will have writing qualities equal to its compelling appearance. Visconti's in-house 18k solid gold nibs also provide an excellent starting point for our exclusive nib customizations, including such popular modifications as Stub, Cursive Italic, and Architects Point.

Visconti is delighted to announce the launch of the Voyager Mariposa. A collection that pays homage to the original, iconic Visconti 'Voyager' launched in the early 90's. The Voyager Mariposa maintains the clean, ergonomic lines of the original design but has been modernized with new design features and two unique color palettes formulated by USA resin manufacturer, Jonathan Brooks, of the Carolina Pen Company.

Mariposa translates to 'Butterfly' from Spanish. A butterfly's wings come in an amazing assortment of colors and patterns. Aside from being beautiful, they also serve a purpose. They can help butterflies find a mate, blend in with their surroundings, or absorb heat. In toxic species, bright colors warn predators to stay away.

Visconti celebrates the colorful beauty and mystery of the butterfly with the 'Voyager Mariposa.' Two spectacular new resins have been selected for their irresistible display of vibrant, shimmering colors that mimic the colorful display of a butterfly wing: Malachite and Painted Beauty.

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