About Us

Welcome to nibs.com, your premier destination for the world's finest fountain pens and exclusive North American retailers of Nakaya brand hand-crafted urushi pens. Our legacy traces back to 1996 when we began as Classic Fountain Pens, Inc., pioneering the online fountain pen market. Today, we continue to lead the industry with our carefully curated selection of new and pre-owned fountain pens, alongside an extensive range of fountain pen inks, books, and accessories.

At nibs.com, we are more than just pen purveyors; we are artisans of the written word. Our skilled nibmeisters, continuing the legacy of our founder, John Mottishaw, ensures that every pen undergoes meticulous nib customization and optimization. Even after John's retirement, we remain committed to providing exceptional service, upholding our legacy of excellence. Renowned for his Spencerian modification and other specialized services, John's expertise has garnered global recognition, cementing nibs.com as a trusted authority in the pen community.

With our dedication to unparalleled customer service, every pen is tailored to your unique writing style through our meticulous customization and optimization procedures. Our skilled workshop staff meticulously examine and adjust each pen, resolving any potential issues before it reaches your hands. Plus, we offer technical support and pen repair services to ensure your fountain pens receive the care they deserve. At nibs.com, we are committed to elevating your fountain pen experience and preserving the artistry of handwritten communication.