Filling Options

Cartridge-Converter Systems

Many contemporary fountain pens use a cartridge-converter system, meaning they can use either disposable ink cartridges or a removable ink reservoir known as a converter. These systems are often proprietary to their own brand and are not interchangeable with pens from other manufacturers. Consult our Ink Cartridges page for more information. Cartridges are intended for one-time use only and should be discarded when empty, making them convenient for travel but restrictive in color options.

Converters, on the other hand, are reusable and allow for filling with Bottled Fountain Pen Ink from any manufacturer, giving you a much wider range of color choices. They are proprietary, like cartridges, so you do need to have the correct converter for your pen. Visit our Converters page for specifics. Converters cannot be filled until installed in the pen and then submerged in the ink bottle.

Converters are also very useful for cleaning your fountain pen even if you only use cartridges for your ink supply. Take a look at our Pen Maintenance page for more details.

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A piston-filler has a built-in reservoir that allows the pen to be filled by dipping the nib and gripping section directly into an ink bottle while twisting the piston knob at the end of the barrel. Piston-fillers often have a larger ink capacity than cartridge-converter pens, leading to their popularity among many fountain pen enthusiasts.

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Eyedropper Fillers

There are some contemporary eyedropper filled fountain pens. The entire barrel seals and serves as an ink reservoir and is filled using an eyedropper or syringe. This is a potentially messy prospect, but does offer a tremendous ink capacity.

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Other Filling Systems

There are other systems typically found in vintage fountain pens such asButton,Crescent, andLever fillers.

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