Fountain Pen Writing Science analysis section

Nakaya is analysing over 6,000 pieces (2005/0ct) of ''Writing Chart"one by one from customers over the World. Since every customers write the chart seriously when buying, we can accumulate statistically high reliable data. We have not seen any mesurement data for wiritng,so this ''Writing Chart'' is useful data for us. We will feed back information as suggestion as much as possible by using these data.

γ€€Example 1; In case of gift
We Nakaya attach the chart to the reciever of the gift to customize formally after delivery ,but can Nakaya guess reciever's writing character by one or two items of chart? (such as "If you can know a place of pen when reciever write, Nakaya can know incline. ")
γ€€γ€€β‘  In case of gift
We Nakaya customize a nib of reciever of Nakaya pen when a person who presents a pen to a reciever. On the other hand, can Nakaya guess the reciever's writing character by a few iems of the writing chart?
For instance, according to the data base,
"If Nakaya know a place of holding a pen, we can guess the angle of writing. " ,
"If Nakaya know the writing pressure,we can guess the writing speed. " among 8 items of the Writing chart.

γ€€γ€€β‘‘Is it possible for Nakaya to propose the thickness of appropliate nib by data base?
For instance, data base point out "2,.3 " about the nib, it means 30% broader than Fine(2), 70% thinner than Medium.
β—†We basically do the following process to analyse a data of the Writing chart.

γ€€(1) Maintenance of each data.

We statistically extract only the significant one as data from among 6,000 above-mentioneds pupulations.γ€€γ€€
γ€€(2) An extranations work of data.
-1 Classification into Japan and overseas data.
-2 Classification into the Men and the Women further in the abovementioned.
-3 We subdivided separately in addition at the age.
-4 We subdivided to the gift or personal use, and subdivided to the dominant hand (left or right-handed) at the end.

Each category subdivided to the above-mentioned simpleis totaled.
(The following are the one at number at 1,500 of samples (pupurations) 4 years ago.)

- some part of simple total-
(1) age (4) nib (12) a writing pressure

No.1 one's teen No.1 Super Extra fine No.1 heavy
No.2 one's twenties..... No.2 Extra fine........ No.2 a little strong.......
No.9 one's nineties No.9 Music No.6 very light

(12)Writing pressure (gift) (13) palce of holding a pen

No.1 heavy No.1 near the point No.1 vary fast
No.2 a little strong....... No.2 near the rear No.2 fast ........
No.6 very light No.3 middle part....... N0.5 a little slow

γ€€β€»If it is possible to write without the cap, that is better.

(3οΌ‰Cross tabulation
Each item of the 'Writing chart' is seen in ''Group: Right-handed , personal use, Japanese " and after a simple total,
the attribute of each group separately for the group is seen.γ€€

γ€€(4 )The content of the "Writing chart " is made an amount.

Examples ; Writing pressure is strong?
On the Writing chart; heavy, medium , light
We replace each items with the numerical value. ; heavyβ†’1、mediumβ†’2、lightβ†’3 .

Not only an above analysys, but also all result from many aspect of analysys suggest the rsult which we know by our
experience, however, 30% of whole result suggest a new discovery and opposite things to common sence until now.

For instance,
β–²Writing pressure itself of Foreign peoples are lighter (weaker) than Japanese one.
β–²The number of finer nibs which are required by foreign people is much more than Japanese people's requirement.
β–²A people whose power is weak and writing pressure is light consequentially prefers a stiff nib than a flexible one.
They say stiffer nib is reliable for weak power.
and so on..

(5)Multivariate analysis; Professor Hayashi's Making Amount Theory β…’


γ€€γ€€According to Mr. Hayashi's Theroy β…’, we analyze a relation of each item of the writing chart.
Since the amount of data is huge, we omit to explain in detail, however the shorter the distance of the point this
will plotted respectively is ,the deeper the ddeper the lerations of each other are.
By understanding each point (dot) as one area, we can proceed our analysis deeply and we hope we can recognize
the customers' writing characters.(= the customers' potential requiement.)
(6)By Proffessor Klanmail's relation index , we culcurate and analyze each writing character as bubble chart and graph

γ€€γ€€ Above chart. ;AxisX ; a writing pressure AxisY ; a size of letters

This analysis is slightly different from correlation analysis.
This graph analyze a relation of each attribute of 8 items of the Writing Chart. (Writing pressure. speed...)
There are 64patterns of each item of the Writing chart and we devide "Japanese/Foreign people ", "Male/Female ",
"Right/Left hand " and so on and analyze all patterns. γ€€

*Above graph suggests us that a person whose writing pressure is heavy tend to not write a small letters.γ€€γ€€γ€€

β—†An arrangement of various maker's fountain pen.

An each scale of the following graph is so small that we cannot see each dot clearly, but we plotted various
fountain pen's characters including Nakaya pen.

AxisX; an elasticity of nib AxisY; a glavity

We measured 5 pieces of each fountain pens about the nib elasticity and a glavity by unique method and
culcurate the avarage. After that we plotted each avalage on the following coordinates.
We start to examine whether this data agrees with the customers' demand (Writing chart).

Measured sample ; Waterman, Mont blanc, Pilot, Parker, Platinum, Delta, Nakaya (ellastic, fexible....). γ€€γ€€γ€€

At this moment, we Nakaya can disclosed the above data.
On the other hand, we would like to make effort to approach better solution by using a valueable data from good Nakaya customers not depend on engineer's experience and intuition only.
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