Repair Policy

Eligibility and Initiation

We are committed to maintaining the performance and longevity of the pens entrusted to us at Please familiarize yourself with our repair policy to ensure clarity and understanding of our terms and conditions.

Acceptance: We accept pens for repairs, tunings, or customizations, regardless of whether they were purchased from or elsewhere. Pens must be in a condition suitable for repair and accompanied by all necessary parts.
Service Request Form: To initiate a repair, customers are required to complete and submit our Service Request Form, available on our website. This form collects essential information about the pen and the required repairs, enabling our team to evaluate and approve repair requests promptly. Repairs initiated without prior approval will not be accepted.
Approval and Communication

Approval Process: Upon submission of the Service Request Form, our dedicated team of experts will review the request, assess the necessary repairs, and provide an estimate of the associated costs. We will then contact you to discuss the proposed repairs, finalize the details, and obtain your approval before proceeding.
Invoice and Communication: Upon completion of the repair, we will promptly send you a detailed invoice outlining the services performed, parts replaced (if any), and associated costs. It is essential to respond promptly to the invoice and any communication from our team. Failure to pay the invoice or respond to our communication within six months will result in the pen being considered abandoned.
Abandoned Pens

Status: Pens with completed repairs but unpaid invoices for over six months will be classified as abandoned. Abandoned pens are subject to our ownership transfer policy.
Ownership Transfer: After an additional three months in abandoned status, the ownership of the pens will be transferred to This policy enables us to manage our inventory effectively and continue providing quality service to our customers.
Express Repair Service

Express Option: We understand that some repairs require urgent attention. Therefore, we offer an express repair service for customers who need their pens serviced urgently. This service incurs an additional fee and prioritizes your repair request, ensuring swift turnaround time. Indicate your interest in this service when submitting your Service Request Form.
Complimentary Adjustments

30-Day Window: We stand by the quality of our repairs and services. Therefore, any necessary adjustments or services within 30 days of the original purchase or repair date will be expedited at no extra cost to you. This ensures that any immediate issues are resolved quickly and efficiently, providing you with complete satisfaction.
Additional Services and Charges

Standard Fees: Requests for extra services or customizations beyond the initial repair may incur standard charges and shipping fees. These charges will be communicated to you before any additional work is performed, allowing you to make an informed decision regarding your repair options.
Proof of Purchase

Verification Requirement: To ensure the integrity of our repair policy, this service is valid exclusively for the original purchaser or recipient of the pen or nib unit. Proof of purchase, in the form of the original paid invoice, may be requested to verify eligibility for our services.
Contact Us

Support: We value your satisfaction and are committed to addressing any questions or concerns you may have regarding our repair policy. Please do not hesitate to contact us at for further assistance or clarification. Our dedicated support team is here to help.

Have More Questions?

Feel free to contact our team at for any inquiries, concerns, or for further details. We are committed to providing assistanceΒ in any way we can.

Effective Date: June 07, 2024