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Fountain Pens of Japan

Fountain Pens of Japan

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Long anticipated by lovers of Japanese fountain pens and years in the making, this authoritative work covers the major brands such as Nakaya, Sailor, Platinum, and Pilot-Namiki with history, pictures, and detailed pen descriptions. Additionally, the minor brands represented reveal a surprising range of writing instruments almost never seen on this side of the Pacific.

Japanese pens, marked by simplicity of physical design, an amazing range of surface applications, and top quality nibs, are receiving growing attention around the world. Not only are they beautiful, they are wonderful writing instruments.

With over 1700 images of pens, vintage advertising, and historic location shots within its 448 pages, this large format book is not something you will read in bed - it weighs six pounds. It is, however, by far the most comprehensive book ever written about the topic. The text is clear, the information solid. Andreas Lambrou and Masamichi Sunami have a combined experience with fountain pens that exceeds 100 years. This book reflects the depth and passion of their knowledge.