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Aurora Optima Auroloide Nero Perla

Aurora Optima Auroloide Nero Perla


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The Aurora Optima Nero Perla fountain pen is a celluloid stunner in shades of grey. The rhodium trim and black cap ends accentuate the cool, mosaic pattern of the pearlescent celluloid.

With an evocative flecked grey surface realized in Aurora's proprietary Auroloide material, the Optima Nero Perla is a memorably distinctive pen that will also serve as a superb everyday writing instrument.

Aurora's piston-filler system allows this pen to utilize any standard bottled fountain pen ink, including Aurora's own richly-hued inks in Black and in Blue. The transparent ink window gives advance notice when the pen is ready for a refill.

The Optima Nero Perla with rhodium trim ships with your choice of any of Aurora's Large 14k nib units.

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