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Aurora Talentum Chrome Cap Pink

Aurora Talentum Chrome Cap Pink


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The Aurora Talentum Chrome Cap Pink offers a bright and playful variation on this classic style. The reflective chrome on the cap, rings and clip further lights up this already lively fountain pen.

The Aurora Talentum emphasizes sleek design, and with a high-finish chrome cap it offers its owner a classic look.

Comparable in length and width to a Pelikan M800, the tapering makes it unique. The design of the clip, reminiscent of the original Parker Duofold, extends between the cap and the cap crown, creating a durable connection.

This pen utilizes Aurora's versatile cartridge-converter system - and the generous ink capacity of Aurora cartridges surpasses that of many piston-fillers.

The Talentum Chrome Cap Pink ships with your choice of any of Aurora's Large 14k white gold nib units.

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