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Eboya Kyouka Medium Kumpuu Green C-C

Eboya Kyouka Medium Kumpuu Green C-C

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Hand-crafted from ebonite hard rubber and equipped with 14k solid gold Bock nibs, the Eboya Kyouka is made available in the Large, Medium, and Small sizes in four different colors: Kougetsu Yellow, Kumpuu Green, Shinkai Blue, and Tanshin Red.

The Eboya Kyouka Medium Kumpuu Green fountain pen is made from hand-crafted ebonite hard rubber and is available with your choice of 14k solid gold Bock nib.

Saturated with swirls of green and black, the Eboya Kyouka Medium in Kumpuu Green is a vibrant pen reminiscent of classic fountain pens of the 1910s and 20s. Its distinctive design and unique appearance makes this not only an excellent writing instrument, but also a true work of art in its own right.

Eboya fountain pens are created in an artisanal process from hand-turned raw ebonite hard rubber which has been sustainably harvested from the Asian rubber gum tree. Each pen is then hand-turned and hand-finished in Eboya's Tokyo workshop in a process that requires six months or more. As with all hand-made pens, colors will vary slightly from pen to pen - no two will ever be exactly alike.

Eboya pens are designed to be used in either posted or unposted positions, adding to the versatility of this writing instrument. Note as well the knurled engraving around the barrel end, which adds to both the tactile and aesthetic appeal of this pen.

""Eboya - Made In Tokyo"" is machine-engraved on the barrel - no laser is used. Attention to detail is a hallmark of the Eboya brand.

Ebonite has a long history of usage for high-end fountain pens - pens created using this material are still in everyday usage decades and more after being originally sold. Avoiding prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or extremes in heat temperature will help preserve the surface coloring and prevent premature fading.
Bock solid gold 14k nibs are well-suited to customizations including Stub, Cursive Italic, and Left Oblique, as well as the modification for added flex - see our nib customizations page for more information.

Unless requested otherwise, each pen or nib you purchase from us will be carefully examined, tested, and optimized for your personal writing characteristics before it ships. See our nib set-up and optimization page for more details.
The Eboya Kyouka Medium Kumpuu Green ships in a simple presentation box and includes a converter and starter ink cartridge.

Eboya pens are individually handcrafted in a process requiring a minimum of three to six months. Consult our Eboya Availability Chart, updated weekly, to see which pens we currently have in stock, or simply to browse by model, size, or color

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