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Ikkaku By Nahvalur

Ikkaku By Nahvalur 朱丹 Zhu-Dan (Cinnabar Red) Gradient Urushi

Ikkaku By Nahvalur 朱丹 Zhu-Dan (Cinnabar Red) Gradient Urushi


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At the heart of this pen lies the art of raw lacquer, a meticulous process that involves laying the base, scraping the topcoat, and applying colored paint multiple times. The pen undergoes sanding, lacquering, and polishing in a rhythmic dance that repeats more than a dozen times, taking several months to complete. This intricate journey requires precision and patience, making each pen a testament to craftsmanship.

Throughout this process, the pen is sent to the furo multiple times, ensuring that the lacquer dries perfectly under specific humidity and temperature conditions. The result is not just a writing instrument but a work of art that embodies tradition and innovation.

Cinnabar red is a deep, vibrant shade with undertones of crimson, reminiscent of the natural mineral cinnabar. The pen features a gradient effect, where the color transitions subtly from lighter to darker tones, adding depth and visual interest. It's a color that is deeply connected to the natural world, evoking feelings of warmth, abundance, and vitality.

Explore the other pens in the Ikkaku Gradient Urushi Fountain Pen Collection: 胭脂Yan-Zhi (Vermilion) and 葱绿Cong-Lü (Scallion Green). Each color tells a story, mimicking the reflection of the sky or fire and inviting you to immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry our pens bring to life. The pen ships in a wooden Ikkaku gift box which includes the warranty card. We are an authorized Ikkaku By Nahvalur dealer.

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