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Ikkaku By Nahvalur

Ikkaku By Nahvalur Pan-Long (Coiling Dragon)

Ikkaku By Nahvalur Pan-Long (Coiling Dragon)


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This piece, inspired by the dragon, intricately depicts its body with a combination of dots and lines, creating a swirling, serpentine coil that ascends like a spiraling dragon. The dragon's majestic head gazes upward, radiating an aura of reverence and dignity, while flames and precious orbs adorn its form. Encircled by rising waves and auspicious clouds, the golden dragon symbolizes good fortune and prosperity, with its foreclaws resting upon the waves and hind claws traversing the clouds. In honor of the Year of the Dragon, this artwork captures the sacred essence of the dragon's ascent through mist and clouds, invoking blessings and hope for a prosperous year ahead.

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Dragons in Chinese Culture

In the rich tapestry of Chinese tradition, the dragon reigns supreme as a symbol of auspicious fortune, embodying imperial majesty and ultimate power. Throughout history, the dragon's visage has been woven into countless decorative motifs, reflecting its revered status as a totemic figure.

The latest creation from IKKAKU by Nahvalur portrays this mythical creature in a sinuous coil, gracefully encircling the pen with its head lifted skyward in dignified solemnity. Adorned with flames and precious orbs, the dragon exudes an aura of regal splendor. Surrounded by waves and auspicious clouds, the golden dragon strides upon the waves and parts the clouds with its hind claws, symbolizing a bearer of good fortune and luck.

In homage to the Year of the Dragon, this piece harnesses the sacred imagery of dragons soaring through mist and clouds, commanding the elements to bestow blessings and prosperity for the upcoming year.

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