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Ikkaku By Nahvalur

Ikkaku By Nahvalur Ying-Chun 迎春花 (Forthysia)

Ikkaku By Nahvalur Ying-Chun 迎春花 (Forthysia)


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Embrace the vibrant spirit of spring with this exquisite creation adorned with bright yellow forsythia blossoms, symbolizing renewal and the promise of warmer days ahead. Rooted in ancient Chinese artistry, the design of the Ying-Chun Pen draws inspiration from the traditional guó huà painting technique. Each pen is meticulously hand-painted using a Chinese calligraphy brush, capturing the intricate detail and natural themes reminiscent of this timeless art form.

With only 24 pieces available in this limited edition, each pen is a unique expression of cultural heritage, individually numbered on the clip. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, the Ying-Chun Pen features a 14K gold nib, available in fine or medium, ensuring a luxurious writing experience.

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