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Lamy Dialog CC White

Lamy Dialog CC White


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The Lamy Dialog CC White is a study in style and sophistication. The 14k solid gold nib unit is provided in four different tipping sizes and is plated in two-tone rose gold and platinum.

This pen qualifies for our complimentary nib tuning services, which adjust ink flow and pressure to your personal preferences. Lamy 14k solid gold nibs also provide excellent starting points for many of our unique nib customizations.

Building upon the success of the popular Dialog 3, the Lamy Dialog CC is a capless fountain pen with a sophisticated and innovative design. The unique twist mechanism extends and retracts the nib, while an end plate and anti-roll top add to both the functionality and styling of this superbly engineered writing instrument.

Combining the writing qualities of a fountain pen with an ease of use usually only available in ballpoints, this is the perfect writing instrument for doctors, technicians, contractors, or just anybody with an on-the-go lifestyle. Lamy's convenient cartridge-converter fill system allows for the use of Lamy brand disposable ink cartridges, and the pen can also be filled with bottled fountain pen ink when utilizing the provided converter. We are an authorized Lamy dealer.

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