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Maki-e, An Art for the Soul

Maki-e, An Art for the Soul

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With this richly illustrated book, Danitrio founder Bernard Lyn gives readers comprehensive insight into Maki-e techniques. Lyn takes readers on a journey from start to finish -- detailing the process of collecting Urushi sap, highlighting the skilled artists and their various styles, and showcasing the final creation of fine Maki-e pens.

Over 100 illustrations of Danitrio Maki-e artisans and their creations fill the pages of this book, providing a visual complement to the detailed information throughout. This book is sure to delight Danitrio aficionados or anybody intrigued by the Maki-e art form and wishing to learn more. Mr. Lyn's passion for this art and these artists is abundantly clear in the depth of detail he brings to these pages. 

Hardcover. 10 1/2" by 7 1/2", 3 lbs.