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Montegrappa Gnomo Charcoal Black

Montegrappa Gnomo Charcoal Black


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Montegrappa enters the world of ultra-compact fountain pens with the new Gnomo series, featuring celluloid bodies, sterling silver trim, and an 18k solid gold rhodium-plated nib. The Charcoal Black, also known as the Nero Carbone, showcases Montegrappa's typical design flair in this new ultra-compact size.

Our complimentary nib tuning ensures that your Montegrappa pen will have writing qualities equal to its appearance, and our optional nib customizations can additional character to your writing on the page. We are an authorized Montegrappa dealer.

Featuring a laser etched gripping section, the Gnomo measures just 3 1/4 inches when in the closed position - but when the cap is posted by screwing onto the barrel, this becomes a full-size pen that will be a comfortable fit for most any hand.

The Gnomo is a cartridge-only fountain pen - it can use any standard size international cartridge, such as the J. Herbin, Kaweco, and Pelikan brand cartridges we offer.

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