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Montegrappa Miya Carbon Black

Montegrappa Miya Carbon Black


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Carbon fibre on the barrel and brightly colored celluloid brings a modern, sporty twist to the Miya fountain pen in the Miya Carbon. Simple details like the red lacquer on the inside of the clip and an octagonal motif on the cap band elevates the Miya Carbon to new levels of luxury. Available in Black, Orange, or Yellow.

The Montegrappa Miya Carbon fountain pen takes the classic Miya line to new levels of modernity with its carbon fiber barrel and colorful cap ends.

Full-bodied and curvaceous, the Miya Carbon has the sleek lines of a sports car. It can race across the paper with its sporty looks, but still remains timeless and built to last. The Anteros roadster seen to the right has a body made from the same carbon fiber material as the Miya Carbon.
Carbon fiber is known for both its strength and its lightness, two seemingly opposing qualities that this futuristic material manages to simultaneously exhibit.
Bright colors and rhodium trim on each fountain pen help to carry on the tradition of the Montegrappa Miya.

If you take a closer look, you can see Montegrappa's new visual signature, below - red lacquer finish on the back of the clip. This splash of sleek color adds a hidden element of visual intrigue and luxury.

Available only as a special order item, the Montegrappa Miya Carbon can be made available with your choice of 18k nib.

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