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Nahvalur Nautilus Mousseline Lilas 14k Limited Edition

Nahvalur Nautilus Mousseline Lilas 14k Limited Edition


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Specially produced from handcrafted German ebonite, the new Nahvalur Nautilus Mousseline Lilas 14k Limited Edition epitomizes the style, versatility, and value of this rising pen manufacturer. Normally provided with only steel nibs, we are offering this pen exclusively with a 14k solid gold nib that has been specially treated to match the colors of the pen body and trim.

Our complimentary nib tuning adjusts optimum pressure and ink flow to your own personal preferences. Nahvalur 14k nibs also offer an excellent starting point for many of our most nib customizations, as well as regrinds to finer tipping sizes.

In the short time since its founding, Nahvalur has a gained a reputation for imaginatively designed writing instruments which also offer terrific value. The Nautilus series offers pens in swirling colors and unique trim and nib plating. The color patten on each pen is unique - no two pens will ever be exactly alike.

The piston-fill system allows this pen to fill using any bottled fountain pen ink, and a transparent ink window lets you know when it's time to re-fill. A special presentation box is also included. We are an authorized Nahvalur dealer.

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