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Nakaya 17mm Long Cigar Kuro-tamenuri

Nakaya 17mm Long Cigar Kuro-tamenuri

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The Nakaya 17mm Long Cigar Kuro-tamenuri is provided with your choice of 14k solid gold nib. Each hand-finished pen requires several months to be produced in multiple layers of urushi lacquer.

Our complimentary nib tuning adjusts pressure and ink flow to your personal preferences, and our optional nib customizations can add to the character and distinctiveness of your writing on the page. We are an authorized Nakaya dealer.

Tame" means "pool" and "nuri" refers to the lacquer coating process. You can actually see through the layers of clear urushi lacquer as if you were looking into a pool. Wajima artists use "shu urushi" (red color) for the base urushi on the barrel, and "shu-ai-urushi" (semi-transparent brown color ) for the finish coats. The black color is mixed in shu-ai-urushi for Kurotame-nuri. When the process is finished, you can still see the base surface of red urushi. After this coating process, craftsmen polish the surface over and over by hand for months in order to attain greater transparency, allowing you to clearly see the underlying red urushi surface.

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