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Nakaya 17mm Portable Cigar Chinese Pond Turtle

Nakaya 17mm Portable Cigar Chinese Pond Turtle

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In Tame-Sukashi technique, layers of clear, smooth Urushi lacquer are applied over a painted motif - it is similar to Tame-Nuri technique, in which lacquer is applied over a solid color. The underlying motif in Tame-Sukashi will become more promiment over time as the Urushi lacquer ages and becomes more transparent.

The Nakaya Portable Cigar Chinese Pond Turtle fountain pen is handcrafted from ebonite and Urushi lacquer, and comes standard with solid gold 14k single-tone nib in your choice of tipping size.
The double slit Music nib is available at an added premium, as are plated nibs in Pink Gold, Rhodium, Ruthenium, or Two-Tone.
The luminous green Midori-tamenuri used for the motif of the Nakaya Portable Cigar Chinese Pond Turtle fountain pen is unlike anything we have seen before from Nakaya.

Smooth Tame-sukashi technique provides the final layer for this beautiful pen. The underlying motif will become brighter and more prominent as the layers of clear Urushi lacquer mature and become more transparent.

This is the larger 17mm diameter Portable size, which allows Nakaya's Maki-e artists a more expansive canvas for their work. It has a bit more heft than the standard sized Portable model but will still fit comfortably in the hand.

Two male turtles are depicted on the cap, and one female turtle is seen on the barrel. The Midori-tamenuri is a superb choice for this aquatic scene, as the luminescent turtles seem to glow from within when paired with the darker background. This is truly a study in understated beauty.
Nakaya pens can be filled with bottled ink using the provided converter and can also use Platinum brand cartridges. Hand-painted Maki-e converters are also available.
These smooth-writing 14k nibs are also well-suited to customizations including Stub, Cursive Italic, or Left Oblique, as well as the modification for added flex.
Though the full range of Nakaya nibs is made available, the ruthenium-plated nib complements the darker tones of the Chinese Pond Turtle pen.

Nakaya pens ship in a solid softwood shipping box decorated with Japanese Kanji script and lined with decorative rice paper. A fabric pen ""kimono"" and starter box of Platinum brand cartridges are also included, making this pen a lovely presentation item. Sensible and elegant packaging has long been a hallmark of the Nakaya brand.
Nakaya pens are individually handcrafted in a process that requires a minimum of three to six months and often much longer.
Unless requested otherwise, each pen or nib you purchase from us will be carefully examined, tested, and optimized for your personal writing characteristics.

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