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Nakaya Decapod Cigar Midori-tamenuri ST

Nakaya Decapod Cigar Midori-tamenuri ST

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Nakaya's faceted Decapod pens provide the most dramatic showcase for layered tamenuri finishes, and the Decapod Cigar in Midori-tamenuri is a perfect example. Each pen is hand-turned and hand-finished in a process which requires six months or more.

As with any pen you purchase from us, the Nakaya Decapod Cigar in Midori-tamenuri qualifies for our complimentary nib tuning and optimization services, which help ensure that your pen will write superbly from the moment you receive it. Nakaya's 14k solid gold nibs also serve as perfect starting points for many of our exclusive nib customizations.

Each Nakaya pen is shipped in a kanji-decorated softwood presentation box, making these pens a wonderful gift item. A fabric pen kimono, starter pack of cartridges, and complimentary ink converter (allowing the use of any bottled fountain ink) are also provided.

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