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Nakaya Decapod Writer Kuro-tamenuri ST

Nakaya Decapod Writer Kuro-tamenuri ST

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The Nakaya Decapod Writer Kuro-tamenuri ST fountain pen is a black pen that shows red on the edges of its smooth urushi facets. The Writer model has a clip that fits flush with one of the ten faces and shows off the streamlined shape of the Decapod with its crisp, shape. It is an over-all form that can be described by pure geometry except that it is subtly more complex.

The ten sided shape has another function. Because it is not round in cross section the barrel is not likely to roll off a desk. The Decapod gives facets an entire new meaning. This profoundly deep red ""breaks"" at every edge, revealing the elegant form of this Nakaya fountain pen.

Although entirely hand made, these pens show a precision of craftsmanship rarely seen. You will notice that the facets line up between the cap and barrel in a precise manner when the cap is started in every other barrel thread.

Nakaya pens are individually handcrafted in a process that requires a minimum of three to six months and often much longer.

The Nakaya Writer Decapod in Kuro-tamenuri can be furnished with any of the full range of Nakaya 14k nibs. Notice the family name, Nakata, which is proudly imprinted on each nib.

A simple but beautiful soft wood presentation box protects this pen in transit and the fabric kimono wraps it for safe keeping once it is at home.

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