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Nakaya Kyoto Nishijin-ori Single Pen Pouch

Nakaya Kyoto Nishijin-ori Single Pen Pouch

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Discover the Nakaya Kyoto Nishijin-ori and Skull pen pouches, designed for single pen capacity and adorned with the intricate Fujin Raijin (wind god and thunder god) or bold skull patterns. These luxurious pouches are made from Nishijin textile, a prestigious Japanese cloth with threads dyed before weaving in a process known as "saki-some."

This technique brings the threads to the surface, adding a rich texture and volume. Measuring 22 cm in length and 5 cm in width, these pouches are lined with 100% cotton for added protection and feature traditional wood beading. Each handmade piece may have slight variations, adding to their unique charm.