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Nakaya Long Cigar Cypress Gold Gradation

Nakaya Long Cigar Cypress Gold Gradation

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"Maki" is the general name for cedar and cypress in Japanese. Cypress keeps its green leaves through out the year even when it snows, and in spring young leaves sprout quickly. The motif on the Nakaya Long Cigar Cypress Gold Gradation fountain pen is loved by the Japanese people and is a reminder of their ability to endure the tough times patiently as well as to be resilient in times of set-backs.

Where the gold powder is to be sprinkled, it is painted with thick urushi lacquer then dusted with the gold powder. After hardening, colored urushi lacquer is applied and gold powder is polished to a shine. Then the hand painting is done and gold powder is sprinkled again. Finally it is painted with black, white, and blue urushi.

The urushi painting has to be done in exactly the correct thickness; this is the most important part of the urushi painting method. Otherwise it will not dry enough for the all of the layers to be revealed.
A final process including polishing is repeated three times. It is the Suri-urushi and is performed on the whole fountain pen surface. Raw urushi lacquer is applied and wiped off immediately, removing microscopic scratches. This is a complicated process because the urushi must be wiped down completely to avoid darkening. If performed incorrectly, it is easy to ruin the effect of the wonderful gold gradation.

The Nakaya nib, imprinted Nakata, the family name of the manufacturer is made of solid 14K gold.
Each of these nibs is suitable for our customization to extra flexible. The medium and broad tip can be customized by us into cursive italic, stub or oblique points.
The Maki-e fountain pen is the perfect collaboration of Maki-e artists in Wajima and fountain pen specialists of Nakaya with very detailed artwork which becomes more and more beautiful the longer you use it. Because of the many layers, wear only makes this pen more precious.
The heavy decorative rice paper, simple solid softwood shipping box and fabric pouch make a lovely presentation for Nakaya Urushi pens. Sensible and elegant packaging have been a hallmark of Nakaya.

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