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Nakaya Long Cigar Hannya Shinkyo Aka-Tamenuri

Nakaya Long Cigar Hannya Shinkyo Aka-Tamenuri

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This Nakaya Long Cigar shows the text to the Hannya Sinkyo, or Heart Sutra, under a layer of dark amber urushi lacquer. As time goes by the lacquer will become more transparent and the characters will become brighter.

Of Buddhist texts the Heart Sutra is most highly regarded. This is the text that challenges the existence of form and of time.

In Tame-Sukashi technique, layers of clear, smooth Urushi lacquer are applied over a painted motif - it is similar to Tame-Nuri technique, in which lacquer is applied over a solid color. The underlying motif in Tame-Sukashi will become more promiment over time as the Urushi lacquer ages and becomes more transparent.

The Heart Sutra has been translated many times and exists in many forms. It is more than a thousand years old and has been chanted daily by monks in many Asian countries.
This Sutra makes use of contradictions that belie achievement in favor of understanding. It is a contemplation of the void.
The calligraphy used here is beautifully executed, active and full of life.
Hand-painted Maki-e converters are also available.
We also have another example of this sutra engraved on a Sailor pen, the Sailor Hannya Shinkyo.

The Nakaya nib, imprinted Nakata, the family name of the manufacturer, is made of solid 14K gold, our favorite alloy for pen nibs..
Each of these nibs is suitable for our customization to extra flexible. The medium, broad and extra broad tip can be customized into a cursive italic, stub or oblique point.

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