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Nakaya Long Cigar Kikyo

Nakaya Long Cigar Kikyo

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The Nakaya Long Cigar in Kikyo is a sleek, smooth pen in a royal urushi finish. Because it lacks a clip, the color saturates the entire writin instrument from tip to tail.

Like all the Nakayas, this pen is a pleasure to hold, and of course the size and lustrous Urushi give this model a magisterial aura.
Your hand won't tire using this Long Size Cigar in Kikyo. Although the pen has a ceremonial look to it, in hand you sense this is a pen to be used.

The Nakayas always seem to have little surprises in store for you: here the nib has a strong curve, yet is engraved with a rather delicate pattern, featuring a charming heart-shaped breather hole. The effect is both modern yet invokes the fin-de-siecle era of pen craft.
The photos give a sense of the rich color intensity that occurs on a new pen. But photographs don't do justice to the feeling of surprise: how light the pen is, how elegant, how ""right"" the pen feels in hand, with its softly rounded, slightly voluptuous design.

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