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Nakaya Long Cigar Nanten Karakusa

Nakaya Long Cigar Nanten Karakusa

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Nanten (Sacred bamboo, Nandina) seed has purifying effects and is said to be good for back pain. The sound "Nanten" can be written in other Chinese characters which then means "reverse bad luck", and therefore it is popular to be used for good luck.
Here on the Nakaya Long Cigar, Nanten is painted in the Karakusa design with platinum powder and colored urushi lacquer.

Maki-e, literally "sprinkled powder," is a general term for the process by which figurative or abstract designs are created by sprinkling pigment or metallic powder onto the surface of Urushi lacquer while it is still wet. There are many varieties of Maki-e, such as Tame-sukashi, Raden, and Chinkin.

Platinum undercoating: A type of "Ji-maki" (undercoating) where platinum is sprinkled on the whole surface. There are also gold undercoatings and silver undercoatings.
Tsuke-gaki: A type of Maki-e technique. Paint with sticky urushi lacquer and sprinkle powder on it.

Behind the autograph, the serial number "One" is painted. Nanten (Nandina) pattern is painted with Maki-e inside the cap.
The heavy decorative rice paper outer box, simple solid softwood shipping inner box and fabric pouch make a lovely presentation for this Nakaya Urushi pen. Sensible and elegant packaging are a hallmark of Nakaya presentations.

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